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Ivan Tikhonovich VASILCHENKO

Ivan VASILCHENKO, USSR Florist and specialist in floristic systematics. Plant morphologist; Doctor of Biological Science since 1941; Council member, Botanical Society, since 1958; senior associate, Botanical Institute, USSR Academy of Science since 1947.


  • VASILCHENKO, Ivan was born in 1903 in Taganrog.

  • Education

    • 1926 graduated Don Institute of Agriculture and Land Improvement, Novocherkassk. 1927-1930 postgrad, student, Chair of Botany, Don Institute of Agriculture and Land Improvement.


    • 1926-1927 in Soviet Army. 1930-1931 at North-Caucasian Department, Institute for the Study of Arid Regions. 1932-1933 senior associate, Main Botanical Gardens, Leningrad.

      1934-1937 directed study of weeds at Tadzhikistan Base, USSR Academy of Science. 1938-1941 collected material for monograph on lucerne, which in 1941 was submitted as doctor’s thesis to the Botanical Institute, USSR Academy of Science. 1941-1945 fought in World War II.
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    Born 1903