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Pavel Pavlovich VIRSKY

Pavel VIRSKY, USSR Choreographer. Popular Artist of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1957; Artistic Director, Ukrainia State Dance Ensemble, since 1955. Member, Communist Party, since 1946.


  • VIRSKY, Pavel was born in 1905 in Odessa.

  • Education

    • 1927 graduated Odessa Music and Drama Institute.


    • Since 1928 ballet soloist and choreographer, Odessa Theater of Opera and Ballet. Has worked at Moscow, Kharkov, Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk theaters. 1937-1940 Artistic Director and dancer, Ukrainia Folkdance Ensemble.

      1940-1943 Artistic Director, Kiev Military District Song and Dance Ensemble. 1943-1955 directed ballet group, Aleksandrov Soviet Army Song and Dance Ensemble. 1960 Jury Chairman, competition for dance groups.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1946.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1946.
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    Born 1905