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Aleksandr Ivanovich YAKIMOVICH

Aleksandr YAKIMOVICH, Belarusian writer of children's literature; board member, Belarusian Union of Writers. Order of Red Banner of Labor; medals.


  • YAKIMOVICH, Aleksandr was born in 1904 in village Churilovo, now Minsk Oblast.

  • Education

    • 1926 graduated Belarusian Pedagogical Technicum, Minsk. 1930 graduated Belarusian University.


    • Adapts Belarusian folk tales and translates Russ, writers. 1926-1941 member, Editorial Board, children's periodicals “Bclarusski piyaner” and “Iskra llicha”. Taught Belarusian language and literature in technicums.

      1941-1942 high-school teacher, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, then Executive Seer, of a rayon newspaper, Kazakhstan. 1942-1943 frontline service in Red Army. After World War II for a long time Editor, children's periodical “Byarozka” (The Little Birchtree) and Chief Editor for Children’s Lit., Belarusian State Publishing House.
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