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Mikhail Ivanovich ZHAROV

Mikhail ZHAROV, USSR Actor, Moscow Maly Theater, since 1938. Director, House of the Actor, All-Union Theatrical Society, since 1956; Popular Artist of USSR since 1949. Stalin Prizes, 1941, 1942, 1947. Member, Communist Party, since 1950.


  • ZHAROV, Mikhail was born in 1899.

  • Education

    • Graduated Higher Theatrical Studio, Moscow.


    • 1919 in First Mobile Front-line Arts Theater. Since 1920 at various theaters in Moscow, Baku and Kazan. 1931-1937 at Kamemy Theater, Moscow.

      In films since 1924; roles: Aleksey in V. Vishnevsky’s “Optimisticheskaya tragediya” (An Optimistic Tragedy). Kharitonov in B. Lavrenenv’s “Za tekh, kto v more” (For Those Who are at Sea). Murzavetsky in Ostrovsky’s “Volki i ovtsy” (Wolves and Sheep).

      Mitrich in L. Tolstoy's “Vlast tmy” (The Powers of Darkness). Tatarnikov in A. Sofronov’s “Dengi” (Money). Lebedev in Chekhov's “Ivanov”, etc.

      Film roles: Zhigin in “Putevka v zhizn” (The Pass to Life). Menshikov in “Petr I” (Peter the First). Dymba in “Vozvrashchenie Maksima” (The Return of Maksim) and “Vyborgskaya Storona” (The Vyborg District).

      Gavrila in “Bogdan Khmelnitsky”. Perchikhin in “Oborona Tsaritsyna” (The Defense of Tsaritsyn), etc.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1950.


    Member, Communist Party, since 1950.
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    Born 1899