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George Leland BACH

George Leland BACH, economist in the field of Teaching of Economics.


  • BACH, George Leland was born in 1915 in Victor, Iowa, United States of America.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Hon Doctor of Laws Grinnell College, 1936, 1956. Doctor of Philosophy University Chicago, 1940. Honorary Doctor of Laws Carnegie-Mellon University, 1967.


    • Dean, Graduate School Industrial Administration, Maurice Falk Professor Economics Social Science, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1949-1963, 1963-1966. Professor, Stanford University, 1966-1981. Frank E. Buck Professor Emeritus, Economics Public Policy, Stanford University, Stanford, California, United States of America, 1981-.

    Major achievements

    • Fellow, A A AS; Trustee, Vice Chairman, Joint Council Economics Education. Study Director, Hoover Commission, 1949-1950. Ford Foundation Faculty Fellow, 1960-1961.

      Chairman, National Task Force Economics Education, 1960-1963. Chairman, Board of Directors, Pittsburgh Branch, Federal Reserve System, 1960-1966. Chairman, American Economic Association Committee Economics Education, 1962-1976.

      Dow-Jones Award Distinguished Service Business Education, 1975. American Economic Association Joint Council Economics Education Award, 1977. Walter Gores Award Excellence in Teaching, 1978.


    • Economics: An Introduction to Analysis and Policy, Fourth Edition
    • From the preface: "[This book's] goal is to help students acquire (1) a lasting interest in real-world economic problems, (2) a fundamental and rigorous tool kit for economic analysis, (3) an orderly, objective way of thinking about economic problems, and (4) the ability to use economic analysis as one major tool in reaching independent, well-considered judgments on important policy issues.


    Early analysis of Federal Reserve policy-making. Early empirical analysis of differential impact of inflation on different income groups, stressing combined interaction of economic, political and social forces; effects of ‘tight money’ policy. Earliest attempt to measure the effectiveness of different approaches to teaching economics, with new tests of economic understanding.

    New approaches to teaching elementary economics at colleges and pre-college levels.

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