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Robert James BALL

Robert James BALL, economist in the field of Economic Fluctuations: Forecasting Stabilisation and Inflation; Construction and Use of Econometric Models; Domestic Monetary and Financial Theory and Policy. Fellow, Econometric Society, Royal Economic Society, United Kingdom; Companion, British Institute, Institution Management; Knighted, 1984.


  • BALL, Robert James was born in 1933 in Saffron Walden, Essex, England.

  • Education

    • Master of Arts University Oxford, 1957. Doctor of Philosophy University Pennsylvania, 1973.


    • Lector, Senior Lector Economics, University Manchester, 1960-1963, 1963-1965. Principal, London Business School, London, 1972-1984. Professor of Economics, London Business School, London, United Kingdom, Chairman, Legal and General Group, London, United Kingdom, since 1965.

      Editorial Board, Omega.

    Major achievements

    • Fellow, Econometric Society, Royal Economic Society, United Kingdom. Companion, British Institute, Institution Management. Knighted, 1984.


    • Money Employment and Inflation
    • This is a textbook on macroeconomic theory that attempts to rework the theory of macroeconomic relations through a re-examination of their microeconomic foundations.


    Development and practical usage of econometric forecasting and policy methods relating to the United Kingdom economy. Continuous interest in matters relating to inflation, and general macroeconomic policy. Ancillary contributions have been made to the determination of specific economic variables such as wage rates (1959), consumption (1963 and 1964), interest rates (1965), employment (1966), inventories and investment (1963 and 1964), exports (1966) and prices (1972).

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