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Paul Alexander BARAN

Paul Alexander BARAN, economist.


  • BARAN, Paul Alexander was born in 1910 in Ukraine, Russia.

  • Education

    • Doctor of Philosophy University Berlin, 1932. Master of Arts Harvard University, 1941.


    • Generally considered the in tellectual founder of the ‘dependency’ school which holds that economic development in the advanced capitalist countries is functionally related to underdevelopment in the Third World. One of the foremost Marxist theorists in the West of the monopoly stage of capitalist development. Research Association, Institute, Institution Social Research, Frankfurt, Germany, 1931-1933.

      Economics, United States Office Strategic Service, Washington, District of Columbia, 1940-1947. Professor of Economics, Stanford University, 1948-1964.


    • The Political Economy of Growth
    • One of the most influential studies ever written in the field of development economics, this book has, since first publication in 1957, bred a whole school of followers who are producing further works along the lines indicated by Baran.
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    Born 1910
    Died 1964
    (aged 54)