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Frederick Charles Courtnay BENHAM

Frederick Charles Courtnay BENHAM, economist. Commander of the British Empire, 1945.


  • BENHAM, Frederick Charles Courtnay was born in 1902.

  • Career

    • Author of the most widely used prewar textbook in elementary economics in Britain and expert on development economics, working particularly on national income accounting in the West Indies and South-East Asia. Economics Adviser, Comptroller for Development and Welfare in W. Indies, 1942-1945. Professor Commerce, University London, 1945-1947.

      Economics Adviser, Commissioner-General for United Kingdom in SE Asia, 1947-1955. Sir Henry Price Research Professor International Affairs, Royal Institute, of International Affairs, 1955-1962.

    Major achievements

    • Commander of the British Empire, 1945.


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    Born 1902
    Died 1962
    (aged 60)