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Edgar K. BROWNING, economist in the field of Fiscal Theory and Policy; Public Finance; Microeconomic Theory; Welfare, Health and Education. Sequicentennial Association Center Advanced Studies, University Virginia, 1974-1975,1982; Adjunct Scholar, American Enterprise Institute, since 1977; Vice-President, Southern Economic Association, USA, 1983-1984.


  • Bachelor of Arts University Virginia, 1965. Doctor of Philosophy Princeton University, 1971.


  • Assistant Professor, Association Professor, Professor, University Virginia, 1969-1974,1974-1977, 1977-1984. Visiting Scholar, University of California, Los Angeles, Calif., United States of America, 1978. Professor of Economics, Texas A & M University, College Station, Texas, United States of America, 1984-.

    Editorial Board, Southern Economic Journal, 1980-1982, Public Finance Quarterly, since 1981.

Major achievements

  • Sequicentennial Association Center Advanced Studies, University Virginia, 1974-1975,1982. Adjunct Scholar, American Enterprise Institute, since 1977. Vice-President, Southern Economic Association, USA, 1983-1984.


  • Peasants Versus City-Dwellers: Taxation and the Burden of Economic Development
  • From the historical perspective, the two central problems facing most of the developing countries are: Who should bear the burden of the costs of development? and How should these costs be shared between those in the urban and rural sectors? The inevitable conflicts between the two have, in fact, been a long standing theme, reflected in the debates, in Britain over the Corn Laws, in the United States over industrial tariffs, and in Russia over the size of the "scissors.
  • Microeconomics: Theory and Applications
  • Brown and Zupan's revision plan for Microeconomics: Theory & Application, 11th Edition, includes general updates and revisions throughout including new information on behavioral economics, game theory, price theory, and problems for every chapter.
  • Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, 8th Edition Update
  • With this new, less expensive Value Edition of Browning & Zupan’s Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, you get a rich array of everyday-life microeconomic applications and clear explanations of theoretical concepts, at one great price.
  • Microeconomics: Theory and Applications
  • Microeconomics: Theory & Applications, 12th Edition provides students with the fundamental tools of analysis, and shows how these tools can be used to explain and predict phenomena.


Much of my work has been motivated by the recognition that the distributional aspects of public policies are extremely important in determining what policies the political process actually implements, and by the relative lack of attention given to the analysis and evaluation of redistributional policies in the economics literature. Early work focussed on welfare programmes, welfare reform and the measurement of economic inequality. More recently, I have emphasised the relevance of efficiency costs for the evaluation of tax and expenditure programmes, including programmes intended to reduce economic inequality.

My work continues to concentrate on the microeconomic effects of public policies, especially tax and expenditure policies.

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