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Gerhard COLM

Gerhard COLM, German economist. Bernard Harms Prize, Institute, Institution World Economics, 1964.


  • COLM, Gerhard was born in 1897 in Hanover, W. Germany.

  • Education

    • Dr Rer. Policy Freiburg University, 1921. Dr Rer. Policy h.c. University Frankfurt, 1961, New School Social Research, 1964.


    • Prominent interwar tax expert who pursued a long and distinguished career in public finance. Economics, Federal State Bureau, Berlin, 1921-1927. Instructor, Assistant Professor, Association Professor, Professor of Economics, Institute, Institution World Economics, Kiel University, 1927-1933.

      Professor of Economics, New School Social Research, 1933-1939. Fiscal Expert., Department Commerce, Washington, 1939-1940. Professor Lector, George Washington University, 1940-1962.

      Principal Fiscal Analyst, United States Bureau Budget, 1940-1946. Economics, United States President's Council Economics Advisers, 1946-1952. Chief Economics, National Planning Association, 1952-1968.

      Special Mission, American Military Government, Germany, 1946.

    Major achievements

    • Bernard Harms Prize, Institute, Institution World Economics, 1964.
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    Born 1897
    Died 1968
    (aged 71)