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Carlos F. DIAZ-ALEJANDRO, economist in the field of Latin American Economic History; Balance of Payments.


  • DIAZ-ALEJANDRO, Carlos F. was born in 1937 in La Habana, Cuba.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science (Business) Miama University, Ohio, 1957. Doctor of Philosophy Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., USA, 1961.


    • Assistant Professor, Professor of Economics, Growth Center, Yale University, 1961-1965, 1969-1983. Economics Staff Committee Nine, Alliance for Progress, Organization American States, 1962-1963. Association Professor of Economics, University Minnesota, 1965-1969.

      Consultant, Interamer. Committee Alliance Progress, Pan American Union, 1965-1966. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., USA/ODEPLAN, Santiago, Chile, Project Andean Common Market, 1967-1968.

      Member, Commission International Development (‘Pearson Commission’), 1968-1969. Visiting Professor of Economics, Pontificia University Catolica Rio de Janeiro, 1971. Visiting Scholar, Nuffield College Oxford, 1975-1976.

      Professor of Economics, Columbia University, New York, 1983-1985. Editorial Board, World Development (United Kingdom). Co-editor, Journal of Development Economics, 1976-1985.

    Major achievements

    • Consultant, Commission United States-Latin American Relations (‘Linowitz Commission’), 1975. Chair man, Joint Committee Latin American Studies, United States Social Science Research Council, United Kingdom or United States of America, 1976-1979. Member, Council Foreign Relations, New York, since 1977.

      Member, American Economic Association Policy Advisory Board, Economics Institute, Institution, Boulder, Colorado, 1977-1980. Member, Academic Panel Consultative Group International Economics Monetary Affairs, Rockefeller Foundation, 1978. Member, United States Bipartisan Commission Central American, since 1979.


    Analysis of trade and payments of semi-industrialised countries. Analytical economic history of Latin America. DICKS-MIREAUX 217.

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    Born 1937
    Died 1985
    (aged 48)