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Friedrich ENGELS

Friedrich ENGELS, German economist.


  • ENGELS, Friedrich was born in 1820 in Barmen, Germany.

  • Career

    • Revolutionary and Marx’s close collaborator and friend. After their first meeting in 1844 to discuss Engels’s early economic writings, Engels gradually left theoretical work to Marx and concentrated on polemical and journalistic writing. He wrote extensively on military topics and the military aspects of revolution.

      After Marx’s death, he organised the editing and publication of his works, including the unpublished second and third volumes of Kapital, and provided them with important introductions. Because of the close association in which he and Marx worked it is almost impossible to distinguish their individual contributions to any aspect of theory on which they wrote, including the subject of economics. Cotton manufacturer and journalist.


    • The German Ideology, including Theses on Feuerbach (Great Books in Philosophy)
    • Nearly two years before his powerful Communist Manifesto, Marx (1818-1883) co-wrote The German Ideology in 1845 with friend and collaborator Friedrich Engels expounding a new political worldview, including positions on materialism, labor, production, alienation, the expansion of capitalism, class conflict, revolution, and eventually communism.
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    Died 1895
    (aged 74)


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    • Nationalities
      • Germany
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