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Milton GILBERT, economist. Fellow, American Statistical Association.


  • GILBERT, Milton was born in 1909 in United States of America.

  • Education

    • Master of Arts Temple University, 1933. Doctor of Philosophy University Pennsylvania, 1937.


    • Editor, Survey Current Business, 1938-1941. Chief, National Income Division, United States Department Commerce, 1941-1951. Director, Stats, and National Accounts, Organisation of European Economic Co-operation, 1951-1955.

      Director, Economics and Statistics, Organisation of European Economic Co-operation, 1955-1960. Adviser, Head, Monetary and Economics Department, Bank International Settlements, Switzerland, 1960-1975, 1975-1979.

    Major achievements

    • Fellow, American Statistical Association.
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    Died 1979
    (aged 70)