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William Edward HEARN

William Edward HEARN, Irish economist. Member, Australian Legislative Council, 1878-1888.


  • HEARN, William Edward was born in 1826 in Co. Cavan, Ireland.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts Trinity College, Dublin.


    • Hearn’s Plutology.. is one of those major contributions to economics which have sometimes come from Australia. It is notable for its emphasis on the demand side, its biological analogies, and its capable treatment of capital and production. Hearn had read unusually widely and incorporated the ideas of Longfield and Rae.

      Professor Greek, Queen’s College, University Galway, 1849-1854. Professor, Dean, Chancellor, University Melbourne, 1854-1886.

    Major achievements

    • Member, Australian Legislative Council, 1878-1888.
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    Born 1826
    Died 1888
    (aged 61)