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Terence W. HUTCHISON, economist in the field of History of Economic Thought; Methodology.


  • HUTCHISON, Terence W. was born in 1912 in Bournemouth, Hampshire, England.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1934, 1937.


    • Mitsui Professor of Economics, University Birmingham, 1956-1978. Visiting Professor, Columbia University, 1954-1955, University Virginia, 1960, University Saarland, 1962, 1980, Yale University, 1963^1, American National University, 1967, Dalhousie University, 1970, University Western Australia, 1975, University California Davis, 1978.


    • Significance and Basic Postulates of Economic Theory
    • Written in response to Lionel Robbin's An Essay on the Nature and Significance of Economic Science, Hutchison's treatise on the methodology and philosophy of economics sets out the limits of pure economics and questions the iron-clad distinction between positive and normative economics.


    Areas of the method and history of economics.

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