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Herbert Stanley JEVONS

Herbert Stanley JEVONS, economist. Editor, Indian J. Economics, 1916-1922; Council Member, Royal Statistical Society, United Kingdom, 1932-1937.


  • JEVONS, Herbert Stanley was born in 1875.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts University London.


    • Originally a geologist (like his father), his switch to economics at Cardiff also brought him involvement in housing reform. Temporarily abandoning his academic career, he spent the years 1911-1914 directing various housing schemes. In India, too, he was involved in practical matters, particularly on behalf of the cotton industry.

      His work on the coal trade and economics of tenancy law was well received and influential. In his later years, he was an adviser to the Emperor of Ethiopia and organised the Abyssinian Association and the Anglo-Ethiopian Society. Lector, Professor of Economics, University Wales, Cardiff, 1905-1911.

      Professor of Economics, University Allahabad, India, 1914-1923, University Rangoon, Burma, 1923-1930.

    Major achievements

    • Editor, Indian J. Economics, 1916-1922. Council Member, Royal Statistical Society, United Kingdom, 1932-1937.


    • The Colonial Heritage of Latin America
    • Colonial Latin America provides a concise study of the history of the Iberian colonies in the New World and their preconquest background to the wars of independence in the early nineteenth century.
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    Born 1875
    Died 1955
    (aged 80)