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Murray C. KEMP

Murray C. KEMP, economist in the field of International Trade Theory. Fellow, Econometric Society, 1964; Keynes Professor, University Essex, 8.


  • KEMP, Murray C. was born in 1926 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Arts University Melbourne, 1947,1949. Doctor of Philosophy Johns Hopkins University, 1955.


    • Visiting Professor, Universities California Berkeley, 1969-1970, Paris, 1976-1977, Western Ontario, 1977. Research Professor of Economics, University New South Wales, Australia, since 1962.

    Major achievements

    • Fellow, Econometric Society, 1964. Keynes Professor, University Essex, 8.


    Contributed to the pure theory of international trade, to the economic theory relating to exhaustible resources and to the interrelationships between the two.

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