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Thomas Edward Cliffe LESLIE

Thomas Edward Cliffe LESLIE, Irish economist.


  • LESLIE, Thomas Edward Cliffe was born in 1827 in Wexford, Ireland.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts Trinity College, Dublin.


    • Leslie’s published work was entirely in the form of essays, most of which were later collected in book form. Much of his work concerned the problems of Ireland. He rejected Home Rule as a solution, preferring land reform in favour of small proprietorship.

      The different circumstances he observed in his studies of land systems led him to reject classical methodology in favour of an emphasis on the historical approach and the importance of economic institutions. He was, however, an independent critic and not part of an organised historical school such as that of Germany. Professor Jurisprudence and Political Economics, Queen’s University, Belfast, 1853-1882.


    • Essays in Political and Moral Philosophy (Classic Reprint)
    • In some of the Essays in this volume, which the Provost and Senior Fellows of Trinity Co Uege have honoured the author by publishing in the Dubhn University Press Series, slight changes of phrase have been made, but for the most part they are reprinted without alteration.
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    Born 1827
    Died 1882
    (aged 54)