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H. Michael MANN

H. Michael MANN, economist.


  • MANN, H. Michael was born in 1934 in Camden, New Jersey, United States of America.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts Haverford College, 1956. Doctor of Philosophy Cornell University, 1962.


    • Established, through replication, the consistency of Bain’s findings that entry barriers matter importantly in affecting the ability of firms to price persistently in a monopolistic fashion. As part of ongoing research with J.A. Henning, he attempted to demonstrate that the notion of causal priority provides a potentially significant means by which to uncover causal relationships among industrial organisation variables. Special Economics Assistant, Assistant Attorney-General, Anti-Trust Division, United States Department Justice, 1968-1969.

      Director, Bureau Economics, United States Federal Trade Commission, 3. Professor, Boston College, United States of America, 85. Managing Editor, JInd E, 1977-1985.
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    Died 1985
    (aged 51)