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John Ramsay McCULLOCH

John Ramsay McCULLOCH, economist. Chief reviewer economics books, Edinburgh Review since 1817; Delivered Ricardo Memorial Lectures, 1823-1824.


  • McCULLOCH, John Ramsay was born in 1789 in Scotland.

  • Career

    • Traditionally regarded as the most loyal and dogmatic of Ricardo’s followers, recent examination of his writings has shown more clearly the Smithian flavour of many of his views, and the shifts in his opinions over time. He was, however, a tireless propagandist for his version of Ricardo’s ideas and for political economy generally, both of which he tended to identify with each other. His statistical, encyclopaedic and bibliographical works were extremely successful and were better suited to his abilities than questions of pure theory.

      He also contributed in A Discourse.. the first serious history of economic thought anywhere. Journalist and Editor, The Scotsman, 1818-1820. Private Tutor Economics, 1820-1828.

      Professor Political Economics, University College, London, 1828-1832. Comptroller, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, United Kingdom, 1838-1864.

    Major achievements

    • Chief reviewer economics books, Edinburgh Review since 1817. Delivered Ricardo Memorial Lectures, 1823-1824.


    • Principles of Political Economy: With Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy (Hackett Classics)
    • Stephen Nathanson's clear-sighted abridgment of Principles of Political Economy, Mill's first major work in moral and political philosophy, provides a challenging, sometimes surprising account of Mill's views on many important topics: socialism, population, the status of women, the cultural bases of economic productivity, the causes and possible cures of poverty, the nature of property rights, taxation, and the legitimate functions of government.
    • Principles of Political Economy (Reprints of economic classics)
    • Among Mill's original theoretical contributions are the equation of international demand, the correct statement of the law of supply and demand as an equation, the concept of noncompeting groups in labor markets, the treatment of economies of scale, the analysis of joint products, the concept of opportunity costs and an advanced theory of interest.
    • The Principles of Political Economy
    • In every department of human affairs, Practice long precedes Science systematic enquiry into the modes of action of the powers of nature, is the tardy product of a long course of efforts to use those powers for practical ends.
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    Born 1789
    Died 1864
    (aged 75)