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Victor Riquetti, Marquis De MIRABEAU

Victor Riquetti, Marquis De MIRABEAU, French economist.


  • MIRABEAU, Victor Riquetti, Marquis De was born in 1715 in France.

  • Career

    • From 1765 his Paris salon was the meeting place for the ‘économistes’. Mirabeau came to be known as ‘l’ami des hommes’ after his 1756 publication in which he anticipated much of Quesnay’s system. His starting point is the dependence of all aspects of the State on agriculture.

      He then prescribes reforms which would both revive agriculture and the State itself. His son, Honoré Gabriel, was a major figure in the early years of the Revolution, and also wrote on economic questions. Army officer and landowner.
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    Born 1715
    Died 1789
    (aged 74)