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Samuel Jones Lloyd OVERSTONE

Samuel Jones Lloyd OVERSTONE, economist. Member of Parliament for Hythe, 1819-1826; Created Baron Overstone, 1860.


  • OVERSTONE, Samuel Jones Lloyd was born in 1796 in England.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 1818, 1822.


    • Influential authority on British banking and finance who favoured convertibility of banknotes. The view of the currency school which he expressed to parliamentary committees in 1833 and 1840 was subsequently embodied in the Bank Act, 1844. Further evidence to committees in 1848 and 1857 was published by him afterwards.

    Major achievements

    • Member of Parliament for Hythe, 1819-1826. Created Baron Overstone, 1860.


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    Born 1796
    Died 1883
    (aged 86)