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Maffeo PANTALEONI, Italian economist. Member, Italian Chamber Deputies, 1901; Senator, 1923.


  • PANTALEONI, Maffeo was born in 1857 in Frascati, Italy.

  • Education

    • Dr Law University Rome, 1881.


    • Italian economist who attempted to avoid being identified with any of the contemporary schools. He wrote studies of price fluctuations, discriminatory pricing, industrial cartels and banking, and sought to develop a dynamic theory of economics. In the latter he attempted a synthesis of marginal utility theory with Ricardian value theory.

      His considerable involvement in quantitative work led him eventually to doubt the usefulness of utility theory in macroeconomic questions. He also rejected the work of the marginalists in public finance. Professor, various Italian univs.

      Professor, University Rome, since 1901.

    Major achievements

    • Member, Italian Chamber Deputies, 1901. Senator, 1923.


    • Politica y derecho. (Re)pensar a Bobbio (Spanish Edition)
    • Este libro recoge los trabajos presentados en el seminario internacional La influencia del pensamiento político y jurídico de Norberto Bobbio que fue organizado en el Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México en octubre de 2004.
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    Died 1924
    (aged 67)