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Eugen PHILIPPOVICH VON PHILIPPSBERG, economist. Member, Upper House, Austrian parliament, 1907.


  • PHILIPPOVICH VON PHILIPPSBERG, Eugen was born in 1858 in Vienna, Austro-Hungary.

  • Career

    • Early career influenced by the German Historical School, but his later leanings were toward Austrian theory. His Grundriss.. was the lead ing German textbook on general economics for 25 years, and reconciled the ideas of the two schools. His political influence, through a group known as the Austrian Fabians, has had a considerable effect on Austrian social legislation.

      Privatdozent, University Vienna. Professor, University Freiburg, 1885-1893, University Vienna, 1893-1917.

    Major achievements

    • Member, Upper House, Austrian parliament, 1907.
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    Died 1917
    (aged 59)