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John Trout III RADER

John Trout III RADER, economist in the field of General Equilibrium Theory. Fellow, Econometric Society, 1978.


  • RADER, John Trout III was born in 1938 in Texas, United States of America.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Arts University Texas, 1959. Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy Yale University, 1960, 1963.


    • Research Assistant, Yale University, 1961-1962. Assistant Professor of Economics, Universities Missouri, Columbia, 1962-1964, University Illinois, Urbana, 1964-1965. Association Professor of Economics, Washington University, St Louis, 1965-1970.

      Visiting Professor of Economics, University Rochester, New York, 1971. Visiting Research Professor of Economics, Centre for Operations Research and Econometrics, Belguim, Catholic University Louvain, Belgium, 1971. Professor of Economics, Washington University, St Louis, Washington, since 1970.

    Major achievements

    • Fellow, Econometric Society, 1978.
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