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Paul N. ROSENSTEIN-RODAN, economist in the field of Economic Growth; Development.


  • ROSENSTEIN-RODAN, Paul N. was born in 1902 in AustroHungary.

  • Education

    • Dr University Vienna.


    • Professor Political Economics, University College London, 1934-1947. Economics Adviser, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 1947-1952. Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., USA, 1952-1968, University Texas, 1968-1972, University Boston, 85.


    Development economics, particularly as an adviser to governments. Writings shifted from purely theoretical approach to development problems towards an applied economics approach. The concepts of complementarity in consump tion and production, the time sequence of economic adjustments, and the importance of economies of scale in production, all of which are to be found in my early theoretical work, recur in later contributions to the practice of development.

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    Born 1902
    Died 1985
    (aged 83)