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Gustav SCHMOLLER, German economist. Founder, Verein für Sozialpolitik; Member, Prussian State Council, 1884; Upper House of Parliament, 1889.


  • SCHMOLLER, Gustav was born in 1838 in Württemberg, Germany.

  • Education

    • Graduate University Tübingen, 1860.


    • Founder of the ‘younger historical school’ (‘academic socialists’) and promoter of research in the social sciences in Germany. Menger’s attack on his ideas inaugurated the famous Methodenstreit. Schmoller’s major work, the Grundriss, is wide in scope but lacks coherence.

      His political stance — between conservatism and revolutionary socialism — was boldly maintained, and achieved a good deal of public support. Professor Staatswissenschaften, University Halle, 1864-1872, University Strasbourg, 1872-1882, University Berlin, 1882-1913.

    Major achievements

    • Founder, Verein für Sozialpolitik. Member, Prussian State Council, 1884. Upper House of Parliament, 1889.


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    Born 1838
    Died 1917
    (aged 79)