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Erich SCHNEIDER, German economist. President, Verein für Sozialpolitik, 1963-1966; List Gold Medal, 1965.


  • SCHNEIDER, Erich was born in 1900 in Germany.

  • Education

    • Dr Rer. Policy University Frankfurt, 1922.


    • His contribution to price theory and particularly the theory of monopoly made his name, but his Einführung.. was his chief achievement. It gave German students a grounding in modern analysis based on his very wide knowledge of the international literature of economic. Part 4 is a masterly history of price theory from Smith to Marshall.

      Schoolteacher, 1925-1936. Professor, Universities Aarhus, 1936-1946, Kiel, 68. Director, Institute, Institution World Economics, University Kiel, 1961-1969.

    Major achievements

    • President, Verein für Sozialpolitik, 1963-1966. List Gold Medal, 1965.
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    Born 1900
    Died 1970
    (aged 70)