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Henry SCHULTZ, economist.


  • Schultz, Henry was born on September 4, 1893 in Szarkowszcezyzna, Poland. Son of Sam and Rebecca (Kissin) Schultz.

  • Education

    • Graduated from College City New York, 1916. Postgraduate London School Economics and Political Science, also Galton Laboratory Eugenic Research of U. England, 1919. Doctor of Philosophy., Columbia, 1925.


    • Econometrician whose early years were spent conducting statistical investigations for various government departments. Inspired by his teacher H. L. Moore, and having a detailed grasp of Cournot, Walras and Pareto,

      he was able to make a synthesis of theory and empirical work on demand. His work on statistical demand analysis involved several contributions to statistical theory.

      Professor of Economics, University Chicago, 1926-1938.


    • Married Bertha Alice Greenstein, 1920, children—Ruth, Jean.
    • mother: Rebecca (Kissin) Schultz
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    Born 1893
    Died 1938
    (aged 45)


    Anastasiya Shalkevich

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