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Stanislav Gustavovich STRUMILIN

Stanislav Gustavovich STRUMILIN, economist. Member, Soviet Academy, 1931; Lenin Prize, 1958; Hero of Socialist Labour, 1967.


  • STRUMILIN, Stanislav Gustavovich was born in 1877 in Dashkovtsy, Russia.

  • Career

    • His career spanned the entire Stalinist era and covered a wide range of activities. His more than 700 publications range through statistics, social sciences and economic history. He devised an index of labour productivity (the ‘Strumilin index’) and until his death he presided over all Soviet debates on economic questions.

      Employee, Soviet State Planning Committee, 1921-1937, 1943-1951. Taught, Moscow State University, 1921-1923, Institute, Institution National Economics, 1929-1930, Moscow State Institute, Institution Economics, 1931-1950, Academy Social Sciences, 1948-1974.

    Major achievements

    • Member, Soviet Academy, 1931. Lenin Prize, 1958; Hero of Socialist Labour, 1967.
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    Born 1877
    Died 1974
    (aged 97)