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Douglas William VICKERS

Douglas William VICKERS, economist in the field of History of Economic Thought; Domestic Monetary and Financial Theory and Policy; Business Finance. Fellow, Academy Social Sciences Australia, 1976.


  • VICKERS, Douglas William was born in 1924 in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.

  • Education

    • Bachelor of Commerce University Queensland, 1949. Bachelor of Science, Doctor of Philosophy University London, 1952, 1956. Master of Arts University Pennsylvania, 1971.


    • Professor Finance, University Pennsylvania, 1957-1972. Professor of Economics, University Western Australia, 1972-1977. Visiting Professor Finance, University Pennsylvania, 1976.

      Professor of Economics, University Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts, United States of America.

    Major achievements

    • Fellow, Academy Social Sciences Australia, 1976.


    • Studies in the theory of money, 1690-1776
    • This is a scholarly review and analysis of the contributions made to monetary theory in the century preceding the Wealth of Nations by nine writers: Locke, Barbon, North, Law, Berkeley, Vanderlint, Cantillon, Hume and Steuart.


    A re-examination of the development of the theory of money and cognate intellectual history in the eighteenth century, published in Studies in the Theory of Money and further elaborated in Essays on Adam Smith. An integration of the theory of money and the problems of money capital into the theory of the firm, published in The Theory of the Firm -, and a subsequent series of papers. A reconsideration of the relevance of uncertainty, disequilibrium, and time for the theory of finance and the displacement of timeless Walrasian statics, published in Financial Markets in the Capitalist Process and subsequent papers.

    And an examination of the relation between philosophico-theological, Christian and orthodox economic thought, notably in Man in the Maelstrom of Modern Thought and A Christian Approach to Economics.

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