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David Ames WELLS

David Ames WELLS, economist.


  • WELLS, David Ames was born in 1828 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States of America.

  • Education

    • Graduate Williams University, 1847, Lawrence Scientific School, 1851.


    • Originally a geologist and chemist, he turned to economics in middle life. He was an able collector of statistics and his ability to draw worthwhile conclusions from imperfect material was considerable. Tariffs, currency, theory of money and taxation were his chief economic interest.

      He became a determined free-trader. Chairman, United States National Revenue Commission, 1865-1866. Special Commission Revenue, 1866-1870.

      Chairman, New York State Tax Commission, 1870-1876.


    • Recent Economic Changes and Their Effect on the Production and Distribution of Wealth and the Well-Being of Society (Classic Reprint)
    • It would seem, indeed, as if the world, during all the years since the inception of civilization, has been working up on the line of equipment for industrial effort inventing and perfecting tools and machinery, building workshops and factories, and devising instrumentalities for the easy intercommunication of persons and thoughts, and the cheap exchange of products and services; that this equipment having at last been made ready, the work of using it has, for the first time in our day and generation, fairly begun; and also that every community under prior or existing conditions of use and consumption, is becoming saturated, as it were, with its results.
    • Taxation: A Guide to Theory, Law and Practice in the UK (Teach Yourself)
    • This guide to taxation theory and practice addresses the issues of fair taxation, the Government's tax-cutting claims, where the poll tax went wrong, whether taxes can be used to influence people's behaviour, and what are the taxes of the future? The book raises fundamental questions about the nature of tax and deals with such topical issues as the Government's Budget, taxation and the EEC, and "green" taxation.
    • Our burden and our strength
    • Our burden and our strength, or, A comprehensive and popular examination of the debt and resources of our country, present and prospective This book, "Our burden and our strength", by David Ames Wells, is a replication of a book originally published before 1864.
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    Died 1898
    (aged 69)