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  • ABIODUN, ADIGUN ADE was born on September 26, 1939 in Araromi, Nigeria.

  • Education

    • University of Washington, Seattle, 1962-1966, Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering, 1965-1966, Master of Science Civil Engineering (Hydraulics & Hydrology). Rutgers University, 1968-1969. University of Washington, 1969-1971, Doctor of Philosophy Civil Engineering (Hydraulics & Hydrology).

      Canada Center for Remote Sensing, Ottawa, 1974-1976, Postdoctoral rch. Spoken languages: Yoruba, English.


    • Expert on Space Applications & Chief, Space Applications Section, Outer Space Affairs Division, Department of Political and Security Council Affairs, United Nations since 1981. Pol Affairs Officer, Outer Space Affairs Division, Department of Political and Security Council Affairs, 7781. Senior Lecturer, Lecturer, Fey of Technology, Agri Engineering Department, University of Ife, Nigeria, 1971-1977.

      Rch Hydraulic System Engineer(s), The Boeing Company, Seattle, WA, 1969-1971. Teaching Assistant, Department of Civil Engineering, Rutgers University, New Jersey, 6869. Civil & Hydraulic Engineer(s), United States Army Corps of Engineering, Seattle, 1966-1968.


    Member Panel on Space Rch in Development Countries, Committee on Space Research. International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. Working Group on Extraterrestrial Mapping.

    Nigerian Remote Sensing Society.



    Inter-planetary science, natural history, space science and technology education, technology development at the local level, state of the environment. Photography, tennis, reading and gardening.


    • Spouse Betty, National of United States of America.
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    Born September 26, 1939