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Thomas Reeve Pickering (Tom Pickering)

Thomas Reeve Pickering, American consulting firm executive, retired aerospace transportation executive. Served to lieutenant Commander United States Naval Reserve, 1956-1959. Member Council Foreign Relations, International Institute Strategic Studies, Phi Beta Kappa.


  • Pickering, Thomas Reeve was born on November 5, 1931 in Orange, New Jersey, United States. Son of Hamilton R. and Sarah C. (Chasteney) Pickering.

  • Education

    • Bowdoin College, United States of America, 1949-1953, Bachelor of Arts. Tufts University, United States of America, 1953-1954, Master of Arts. University of Melbourne, Australia, 1954-1955, Master of Arts.

      Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, Hebrew.


    • Joined United States Foreign Service, 1959. Foreign affairs officer Arms Control & Disarmament Agency, 1961. Political adviser to United States delegation to 18 Nation Disarmament Conference United States Department State., Geneva, 1962-1964.

      Consul United States Embassy, Zanzibar, 1965-1967, counselor, deputy chief mission Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1967-1969. Deputy director Bureau Politico-Military Affairs United States Department State, Washington, 1969-1973, special assistant to secretary, 1973-1974, executive secretary, 1973-1974, United States ambassador to Jordan Amman, 1974-1978, assistant secretary for oceans, international environmental & science affairs Washington, 1978-1981, United States ambassador to Nigeria Lagos, 1981-1983, United States ambassador to El Salvador San Salvador, 1983-1985, United States ambassador to Israel Tel Aviv, 1985-1988, United States permanent representative to United Nations New York City, 1989-1992, United States ambassador to India New Delhi, 1992-1993, United States ambassador to Russia Federation Moscow, 1993-1996, under secretary for political affairs Washington, 1997—2000. President Eurasia Foundation, 1996-1997.

      Senior vice president international relations, member executive council Boeing Company, Chicago, 2001—2006. Vice chairman Hills & Company, Washington, since 2006. Co-chair International Crisis Group (International Crisis Group).

      Served in1959 United States Navy, 1956.


    Served to lieutenant Commander United States Naval Reserve, 1956-1959. Member Council Foreign Relations, International Institute Strategic Studies, Phi Beta Kappa.
    • Member International Institute of Strategic Studies; Council on Foreign Relations.



    Foreign relations; woodworking, scuba diving, archaeology.


    • Married Alice Jean Stover, November 24, 1955. Children: Timothy R., Margaret S.
    • father: Hamilton R. Pickering
    • mother: Sarah C. (Chasteney) Pickering
    • spouse: Alice Jean Stover
    • children: Timothy R. Pickering
    • Margaret S. Pickering
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