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Mahmoud Mohamed Sherif

Mahmoud Mohamed Sherif, Egyptian Food and Agriculture Organization official.


  • Sherif, Mahmoud Mohamed was born on February 25, 1930 in Alexandria, Egypt. Son of Mohamed Ahmed and Atiat (El-Hussainy) Sherif.

  • Education

    • University of Alexandria, 1947-1951, Bachelor of Science, 1955-1959, Master of Science, 1959-1961, Graduate Studies. Iowa State University, United States of America, 6165, Doctor of Philosophy. Spoken languages: Arabic, English.


    • Deputy Regional Representative for the Near East, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations since 1991. Director, Joint Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia/Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Agr Division, Iraq, 1985-1991. Director, Department Project(s) & Operations, Acting Director, Department of Finance, Arab Authority for Agr Investment & Development, Sudan, 1983-1985.

      Chairman, Board of Director, Arab Sudanese Dairy Company, Sudan, 1983-1985. Livestock Economist, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations/United Nations Development Program Project(s) for Livestock Development, Iraq, 1975-1976. Visiting Professor, Department of Agr Economic, 1977, Assistant Professor, Professor, Agr Economic, University of Alexandria, Egypt, 1965-1975.


    Denomination: Muslim


    Member council agricultural development Federal Ministry of Science Research, Cairo, 1969-1971, council for livestock research Academy of Sciences Egypt, 1970-1975. Member permanent Committee on Rice Research Cairo, 1971-1975.; Member Association Egyptienne de l'Economie Politique, Statistique et Legislation, Association Agricultural Economists, Syndicate Agriculturists.

    Moslem.; Club: Alexandria Sporting.
    • Member: Egyptian Society for Agricultural Economists; Socifete Egypti6nne pour Гёсопопгне politique, statistique et legislation; Fellow, International Biographical Association, United Kingdom.



    Agr & rural dev, economics planning & policy formulation, proj preparation & evaluation. Reading, music.


    • Married Siham Abdel-Fattah El-Amir, August 3, 1933. Children: Mohamed, Maha, Ahmed.
    • father: Mohamed Ahmed Sherif
    • mother: Atiat (El-Hussainy) Sherif
    • spouse: Siham Abdel-Fattah El-Amir
    • children: Mohamed Sherif
    • Maha Sherif
    • Ahmed Sherif
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    Born February 25, 1930



    Alexandra Remova

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