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Lady Florence Isabel BJELKE-PETERSEN

Lady Florence Isabel BJELKE-PETERSEN, Australian Senator.


  • BJELKE-PETERSEN, Lady Florence Isabel was born on August 11, 1920 in Brisbane, Australia.

  • Career

    • Public Relations Officer, Barambah Electorate Council, 1971-1981. Chosen to represent Queensland, since 1981. Committee Service: Member of the Senate Standing Committee for the House, since 1985.

      Member of the Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committee for National Resources, 1981-1983. For Social Welfare, 1983-1987. Member of the Senate Select Committee for Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes, 1981-1985.

      Member of the Senate Estimates Committee C, 1981-1982. B, 1983-1985; Member of the Joint Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs and Defence, 1981-1983. Temporary Chairperson of Committees, since 1985.

      Conferences, Delegations and Visits: Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the European Parliamentary Institutions, Strasbourg and Berlin, 1985. Deputy Leader, National Party of Australia, in the Senate, since 1985. Professional career: Private Secretary to the Queensland Commissioner for Main Roads.


    Party affiliation: National Party of Australia


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    Born August 11, 1920