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Baroness Tessa Ann Vosper Blackstone BLACKSTONE

Baroness Tessa Ann Vosper Blackstone BLACKSTONE, Member of the House of Lords. Honorary Doctor Litt. Director, Thames Television; Royal Inst, of Public Administration; Fabian Society; Royal Opera House (Director); Chairperson, Inst, for Public Policy Research.


  • BLACKSTONE, Baroness Tessa Ann Vosper Blackstone was born on September 27, 1942 in London, United Kingdom. Daughter of Geoffrey Vaughan Blackstone and Joanna Blackstone (née Vosper).

  • Education

    • London School of Economics, Bachelor of Science, 1964, Doctor of Philosophy, 1969. Spoken languages: French, German.


    • Member, Science and Education Sub-Cttec., Laboratory National Executive Committee, 1974-1975, 1978-1983. House of Lords, since 1987. Opposition Front Bench Spokesperson on Education and Science.

      Professional career: Association, lecturer, Enfield College, 1965-1966. Asst, lecturer and lecturer in social admin., London School of Economics, 1966-1975. Adviser. Central Policy Review Staff, Cabinet Office, 1975-1978.

      Prof, of educational admin., Inst, of Education, 1978-1983. Deputy Education Officer, then clerk and Director of Education, Inner London Education Authority, 1983-1986. Fellow, Policy Studies Institute, 198687.

      Master, Birkbeck College, since 1987.


    • Inside the Think Tank: Advising the Cabinet 1971-1983
    • A study of the institution known as the Central Policy Review Staff, or "Think Tank", set up by Edward Heath and abolished by Margaret Thatcher, which was created to encourage ministers to anticipate future difficulties before they became reality.


    Party affiliation: Labour Party


    Director, Thames Television. Royal Inst, of Public Administration. Fabian Society; Royal Opera House (Director).

    Chairperson, Inst, for Public Policy Research.



    Recreations: ballet, opera, tennis. Social and educational policy, foreign policy, the arts and the media.


    • [{"type":"father","name":"Geoffrey Vaughan Blackstone"},{"type":"mother","name":"Joanna Blackstone (née Vosper)"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Tom Evans"}]
    • father: Geoffrey Vaughan Blackstone
    • mother: Joanna Blackstone (née Vosper)
    • spouse: Tom Evans
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    Born September 27, 1942
    (age 75)