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Colette BURGEON, Belgian Member of the Chamber of Representatives.


  • BURGEON, Colette was born on February 11, 1957 in La Hestre. Daughter of Burgeon and Georgette (née Outlet).

  • Education

    • District School of Haine-St-Pierre, Primary Education, September 1963-June 1969; Athena Provincial and Warocque joint Secondary School, Morlanwelz, School leaving certificate in humanities, September 1969-June 1975; Provincial Teacher Training College F. Hotyat Morlanwelz, Educational Psychology Section, qualified Primary School Teacher, September 1976-June 1978


    • Deputy for Wallonia Region, October since 1985. Member of National Executive PS. Political Secretary, Maine-Saint-Pierre Section.

      Member of Exec, of Fereration for Soignies. Member of Federal Committee, Soignies. District Councillor, for La Louviere, January since 1989.

      Professional career: temporary Primary School Teacher, teaching specifically moral education or working as superviser/tutor, in districts of La Louviere, Manage. Estinnes or in province of Hainaut, September 1978-October 1985.


    • Clubs: member of Administrative Council of Federation of Socialist Mutualities of the Centre; member of Administrative Council of Provident Socialist Women, Vice-President, since 1989



    Social issues, the environment, education.


    • father: Burgeon
    • mother: Georgette (née Outlet)
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    Born February 11, 1957
    (age 60)


    Olga Borisik

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