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Rt. Hon. Lynda CHALKER

Rt. Hon. Lynda CHALKER, British Minister for Overseas Development at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


  • CHALKER, Rt. Hon. Lynda was born on April 29, 1942 in Hitchin, United Kingdom.

    Daughter of Sidney Henry James Bates and Marjorie Kathleen Bates (née Randell).

  • Education

    • Roedean School; Heidelberg University, German for Science, 1961; London University, mathematics; Central London Polytechnic, statistics


    • Member, Cons. National Executive Committee, 1968-1974. Vice-Chairman, National Young Conservatives, 1970-1971.

      Member of Parliament, since 1974. Opposition Spokesman on Social Services, 1976-1979. Parliamentary UnderSec.

      Of State for Social Security, 1979-1982. Parliamentary UnderSec. Of State for Transport, 1982-1983.

      Minister of State for Transport, 1983-1986. Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, since 1986. PC and Deputy to Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary, since 1987.

      Minister for Overseas Development, Office of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, since 1989. Professional career: statistical assistant, Kodak Ltd., 196263.

      Asst, statistician, Unilever, 1963-1969. Deputy market research mgr. Shell Mex and BP, 1969-1972.

      Chief Executive, Louis Haris International Inc., 1972-1974. Special adviser, Barclays Bank International pic, 1976-1979.


    • Police in Retreat, 1969. Unhappy Families, 1976. We're Richer Than We Think, 1979.Africa Turning The Tide, 1989.


    Party affiliation: conservative Party, 1957


    Church of England.


    • Clubs: Royal Statistical Socy. (Fellow); Market Research Socy. (Fellow); Royal Inst, for International Affairs; Tory Reform Group (patron); Bow Group



    European and African affairs, international exchange of information.


    • father: Sidney Henry James Bates
    • mother: Marjorie Kathleen Bates (née Randell)
    • spouse: Clive Hugh Alexander Landa
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    Born April 29, 1942
    (age 75)



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      • Police in Retreat, 1969. Unhappy Families, 1976. We're Richer Than We Think, 1979.Africa Turning The Tide, 1989.
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      • Marjorie Kathleen Bates (née Randell)
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