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Auricélia Freitas DE ASSIS

Auricélia Freitas DE ASSIS, Brazilian Federal Deputy.


  • DE ASSIS, Auricélia Freitas was born on September 28, 1958 in Altamira. Daughter of Aureo Déo de Freitas and Lindanny Teixeira de Freitas.

  • Career

    • Federal Deputy for Acre, 1991-1995. Professional career: Director, Construction, Mendes Carlos Ltda, 1975-1986 and Manager of Industry and Commerce, 1980-1986.


    Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party


    • [{"type":"father","name":"Aureo Déo de Freitas"},{"type":"mother","name":"Lindanny Teixeira de Freitas"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Narciso Mendes de Assis"}]
    • father: Aureo Déo de Freitas
    • mother: Lindanny Teixeira de Freitas
    • spouse: Narciso Mendes de Assis
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    Born September 28, 1958
    (age 59)