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Leona Maria DETIEGE

Leona Maria DETIEGE, Belgian Secretary of State for Pensions.


  • DETIEGE, Leona Maria was born on November 26, 1942 in Antwerp, Belgium. Daughter of A Frans Detiége and Clementina Detiége (née Claes).

  • Education

    • College of Governmental Commerce, Antwerp, Bachelor Commercial and Financial Science, 1960-1964, then Agrégation (qualified teacher) in Secondary School Education


    • Administrative Secretary and Assistant Councillor, Research Service for Ministry of Economic Affairs, dealing with problems of employment in industrial sectors, 1964-1977. Special Adviser, Cabinet of Economic Affairs for Ministers Leburton, Cools, Simonet and Claes, 1970-1974. Assigned to Planning Office, 1972-1977.

      Provincial Councillor, Antwerp, 1974-1977. Alderman, Antwerp, 1977-1982. Deputy, Antwerp, since 1977.

      Member of Interparliamentary Council of Benelux, until 1988. Secretary of State for Pensions, May since 1988. Professional career: President, Belgian CIRIEC, until May 1988.

      Vice president, Belgian COOP. President, OIVO (a consumer association), until May 1988. President, Flemish Opera.

      National President of Socialist Women. Head Master, Adult Education Centre, IEVG Antwerp.



    • father: A Frans Detiége
    • mother: Clementina Detiége (née Claes)
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    Born November 26, 1942
    (age 74)


    Olga Borisik

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