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Franca FALCUCCI, Italian politician.


  • FALCUCCI, Franca was born on March 22, 1926 in Rome, Italy.

  • Career

    • Trade Unionist; National Delegate Womens’ Movement, DC, 1964-1977. Political Vice-Secretary, DC, 1975-1976. President European Womens’ Union, DC, from 1978.

      World Vice-President, DC Women from 1978. Elected Senator, Rome VII, since 1968. Member Committee on Justice.

      Vice-President Committee on Public Instruction and Fine Art. Under-Secretary of State for Public Instruction in II, IV and Vth Andreotti government. Confirmed as UnderSec. of State for Public Instruction in 1st and 2nd Cossiga government, in Forlani government, and in 1st and 2nd Spadolini government.

      Minister for Public Instruction in 5th Fanfani government. Confirmed as Minister for Public Instruction in 1st and 2nd Craxi government, and 6th Fanfani government. Re-elected Senator, 1987.

      Member Committee on Foreign Affairs, Emigration. Professional career: lecturer in History and Philosophy, State Lyceums. Journalist.


    Party affiliation: Christian Democratic Party

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    Born March 22, 1926


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