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Anne Catherine GROL

Anne Catherine GROL, Dutch Member of the First Chamber. Board Member, Dutch Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, (Inter-Parliamentary Union).


  • GROL, Anne Catherine was born on March 20, 1931 in Doetinchem, The Netherlands. Daughter of Antonius Overling and Maria Overling (née Van der Klugt).

  • Education

    • Roman Catholic University of Nymegen, Educational Psychology, Bachelor of Arts, 1952, Master of Arts, 1954. State Examination M.O., English Language and Literature, Bachelor of Arts, 1979. Spoken languages: Dutch, English, German, English, French, Swahili.


    • Member, Hengelo Town Council, 1970-1976. Member, Provincial States Overyssel, 1978-1982. Member, Eersle Kamer (Senate), since 1982.

      Chairwoman, Standing Committee, Antillean and Aruban Affairs. Vice-Chairwoman, Standing Committee on Education. Professional career: teacher of child psychology, secondary and adult education, 1954-1963.

      Lecturer, teacher training college, Butimba Mwanza, Tanzania, 1963-1965. Research fellow, Netherlands University Fellowship of International Co-operation, Tanzania, 1965-1968. School of Social Work, Hengelo, 1969-1984.

      Lecturer. Conservatory of Music, Enschede, since 1984.


    Party affiliation: Christian Democratic Party


    Roman Catholic.


    Board Member, Dutch Group of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, (Inter-Parliamentary Union).



    Recreations: reading, traveling. Education, Antilles Isles and Aruba, external affairs, third world development.


    • [{"type":"father","name":"Antonius Overling"},{"type":"mother","name":"Maria Overling (née Van der Klugt)"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Wenceslaus Grol"}]
    • father: Antonius Overling
    • mother: Maria Overling (née Van der Klugt)
    • spouse: Wenceslaus Grol
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    Born March 20, 1931