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Tuulikki Katriina HAMALAINEN (Pia)

Tuulikki Katriina HÄMÄLÄINEN, Finnish Second Minister of Social Affairs and Health.


  • HÄMÄLÄINEN, Tuulikki Katriina was born on November 25, 1940 in Helsinki, Finland. Daughter of Jaakko Kustaa Ojala and Alma Anna Liisa Ojala (née Hellberg).

  • Education

    • Economist, 1964.


    • Member, Hyvinkää Town Council, 1976. Chairman, 1985; Chairman, City Administration Board, 1981-1984. Member, Presidential Electorate, 1982.

      Member of Eduskunta, 1983. Member, SDP Party Committee, 1984. Vice-Chairman, Administration Council of the State Fuel Centre, 1984.

      Member, Finnish Workers Savings Bank Management, 1984. Representative Board of the E-Co-operative Shop EKA, 1984. Second Minister of Social Affairs and Health, since 1990.

      Professional career: Secretary, State Computer Centre, 1963-1965. Broadcaster, Yleisradio (Finnish Broadcasting Co), 1965-1983.


    Party affiliation: Finnish Social Democratic Party


    • [{"type":"father","name":"Jaakko Kustaa Ojala"},{"type":"mother","name":"Alma Anna Liisa Ojala (née Hellberg)"}]
    • father: Jaakko Kustaa Ojala
    • mother: Alma Anna Liisa Ojala (née Hellberg)
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    Born November 25, 1940