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Regina HEIß

Regina HEIß, Austrian Member of the Nationalrat.


  • HEIß, Regina was born on June 1, 1960 in Zams.

  • Education

    • Commercial school in Landeck, Master Craftsman’s diploma in rural home economics, 1986.


    • Girls’ consultant, provincial leadership of Young Populists, Tirol, since 1983. Pres, of Young Farmers’ Association in Austrian Farmers’ Federation, since 1985. Member of Nationalrat, for Tirol, since 1986.

      Professional career: in the Finance department of Landeck town council, 1977-1978. Clerk at the Tyrolean hydroelectric power station, AGKaunertal Power Station.


    Clubs: Tyrolean Young Farmers, Farmers’ Federation Section, local and regional director, 1981-1984, district director, in Landeck, 1981-1984, local, district and provincial director, since 1984.


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    Born June 1, 1960
    (age 57)