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Paula Colodny HOLLINGER

Paula Colodny HOLLINGER, American Maryland State Senator. Murry Guggenheim Award for Excellence in Nursing, Mount Sinai Hospital School of Nursing; Legislator of the Year, Maryland Nurses Association, 1984; Outstanding Contribution to Education, Belt County Teacher’s Association, 1984; Dedication to Health and Environment, Central Maryland Health System Agency, 1985; Legislator of the Year, Maryland Psychological Association, 1987.


  • HOLLINGER, Paula Colodny was born on December 30, 1940 in Washington DC, United States of America. Daughter of the late Samuel Colodny and the late Ethel Colodny.

  • Education

    • Mount Sinai School of Nursing, Royal Navy Dip., 1961.


    • Statewide Health Co-ordination Council. Delegate Democrat National Convention, 1976. Member, Governor's Commission on Violence and Extremism.

      Vice-President, Women’s Legislative Caucus, 1983, President, 1986-1988. Maryland State Senator, District 11. Member, Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee, 1983, Member, Joint Ctlee., on Health Care Cost Containment, Joint Committee on Federal Relations, Maryland State Senate.

      Chairwoman, Science and Technology and Resource Planning Commissions, National Conference State Legislature. Professional career: Head Nurse, Mount Sinai Hospital Surgery Intensive Care Unit, New York City, 1962-1963. Clinical instructor in psychiatric nursing, Tuskegee Institute, 1969-1970.

      Myasthenia gravis specialist, University of Maryland Hospital, 1971-1973. Camp nurse. Timber Ridge Camping Reservation, 1974-1977. Public health School Nurse, Dept, of Health, Baltimore County, Maryland, 1974-1978.


    Party affiliation: Democratic Party




    Chancellor’s Health Commission on Status of Women, University of Maryland. National Conference of State Legislators. Independent Democratic Alliance.


    • [{"type":"father","name":"the late Samuel Colodny"},{"type":"mother","name":"the late Ethel Colodny"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Paul Hollinger"}]
    • father: the late Samuel Colodny
    • mother: the late Ethel Colodny
    • spouse: Paul Hollinger
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