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Elisabeth HUBERT

Elisabeth HUBERT, French Deputy.


  • HUBERT, Elisabeth was born on May 26, 1956 in Lude, Sarthe, France. Daughter of Auguste Hubert and Germaine Hubert (née Guibert).

  • Education

    • Saint-Dominique Institute, Saint-Herblain; University of Nantes, Faculty of Medicine; Doctor of medicine


    • Town Councillor, Nantes, since 1983. Deputy, RPR, Loire-Atlantique, 1986, re-elected 1988. Secretary of the Commission of Social and Cultural Affairs of the National Assembly.

      Professional career: doctor in Nantes, since 1982.


    • father: Auguste Hubert
    • mother: Germaine Hubert (née Guibert)
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    Born March 26, 1956
    (age 61)