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Dott. Leonilde IOTTI

Dott. Leonilde IOTTI, Italian President of the Chamber of Deputies.


  • IOTTI, Dott. Leonilde was born on April 10, 1920 in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

  • Education

    • Catholic University of Milan, Degree in Letters.


    • Founded and led. Women’s Defence Group during the Resistance. Deputy on the Constituent Assembly, responsible, with the Committee of 75 for drafting the Italian Constitution. One of 5 remaining members of the Constituent Assembly still, and uninterruptedly, in office elected Deputy, since 1948.

      Member, National Presidency, Italian Women’s Union. Member, Central Committee of PCI, 1956. Head of National Women’s Section, 1961.

      Member, Directorate, PCI, 1962. Promoter of the first motion to revise the Agreement between State and Catholic Church, reached under fascism. Vice-President of PCI Parly, group.

      Former Secretary of PCI Parly, group. Vice-President, Assembly of Montecitorio. Elected to European Parliament, 1969-1979.

      President, Committee on Constitutional Affairs. President of the Chamber of Deputies, 1979. Confirmed as President, Chamber of Deputies.

      Invited by the President of the Republic to explore ways of resolving the crisis at the end of the 9th Legislature, the first woman, and the first communist to be so invited. Successfully reformed the divorce laws while President of the Chamber of Deputies in the 2nd Craxi government. Confirmed as President, Chamber of Deputies, 1987.

      Professional career: teacher. Technical Institute, Reggio Emilia.


    Party affiliation: Democratic Party of The Left


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    Born April 10, 1920