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Marie JACQ

Marie JACQ, French Deputy. Chevalier des Palmes académiques (decoration for services to education in France).


  • JACQ, Marie was born on July 28, 1919 in Henvic, Finistère, France. Daughter of Adrien Kerrien and Jeanne Kerrien (née Herrec).

  • Education

    • Gobelins School; Ecole primarie supérieure Faure, Le Havre; certificate of higher education


    • Mayor of Henvic, since 1965. Deputy, PS, Finistère (4th constituency: Morlaix), since 1978. Member of commission for control of Fonds d’orientation et de régularisation des marchés agricoles (Forma, Fund for the guidance and régularisation of agricultural markets), since 1978.

      Member of the office of the socialist group. Vice president of National Assembly, 1981-1982. Member of commission for cultural, family and social affairs.

      Member of parliamentary delegation for demographic problems. Professional career: secretary in a building firm.



    • father: Adrien Kerrien
    • mother: Jeanne Kerrien (née Herrec)
    • spouse: Marcel Jacq
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    Born July 28, 1919


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      • Finistère (4th constituency: Morlaix)
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