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Nancy Landon KASSEBAUM

Nancy KASSEBAUM, Member of the House of Representatives. Kansas Press Women’s Association; Women’s Association, of Institutional Logopedics.


  • KASSEBAUM, Nancy was born on July 29, 1932 in Topeka, Kansas, United States of America. Daughter of Alfred Landon and Theo Landon.

  • Education

    • University Kansas, Bachelor of Arts, 1954. University of Michigan, Master of Arts, 1956.


    • Member, Kansas Government Ethics Commission and Humanities Committee. United States Senator, Kansas, since 1978, Member, Budget, Science, Transport and Foreign Relations Committees. Currently Chairwoman, Aviation and African Affairs Sub-Committees, since 1979, Member, Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, Foreign Relations, Labour and Human Resources Senate Committees.

      Member, Special Senate Committee on Aging. Member, National Republican Senate Committee. Member, Executive Committee, Congress Caucus on Women’s Issues.

      Member, Military Reform and Senate Rural Health Caucus. Professional career: Director and Vice-President, KFH Radio, Wichita, Kansas.


    Party affiliation: Republican Party




    Washington staff of Senator James B. Pearson of Kansas 1975-1976. Several senate committees.


    • [{"type":"father","name":"Alfred Landon"},{"type":"mother","name":"Theo Landon"}]
    • father: Alfred M. Kassebaum
    • mother: Theo Landon
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